Lighting Fixtures

These are a few of the many fixtures that Dan has built over the years

Blue Ribbon Downing St Bar Custom Rural Chandelier Edison Pendant Fixture   
Copper Moire Wall Sconce Coriolus Wall Sconce Arc Standing Lamp

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Italica Restaurant - Le Blouson Granville Restaurant - Oil Lamp Chandelier Bedside Reading Lamp - Mansfield Hotel
Cafe Felix, Manhattan Moire Table Lamp CurveX Desk Lamp
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Granville Copper Moire Sconce Blue Ribbon Sushi Pendant Moire Mansfield Hotel Brass Stair Light
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Original Moire Collection     Perforated Aluminum     Introduced 1990    

DK1 & DK2     9"wide x  6"high

DK3--12" x 18" 

DK4 & DK10 Discontinued as shown (inquire)

Moire fixtures create a pattern which seems to move with the slightest motion of the observer.  This subtle, yet eye-catching kinetic effect works well in both the perforated aluminum style, where the patterns are more ordered, and the copper (and stainless) mesh fixtures, which exhibit a more "wood-grain" type of Moire.



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Blue Ribbon Brooklyn Blue Ribbon Sushi Manhattan The Room, Manhattan  (Photo Robert K Chin)